About Us


East of Jordan for 3D Printers is a Jordanian company legally found in 2019 based in Amman-Jordan.

3D I/O:

3D I/O is the trademark of the East of Jordan for 3D Printers Company, and stands for the commercial and service activity of the Company about computer-assisted manufacturing techniques – manufacturing techniques as well as 3D printing of various types – manufacturing techniques by removing such as shears, laser drilling, etc

3D I/O activities:


The 3D I/O store is the first of its kind in the region and contains various integrated products from major global brands for computer-assisted manufacturing devices and materials, as well as spare parts and updates.

3D Design and Printing Service:

We provide our customers with the best technologies to transform their designs into real products using computer-assisted manufacturing technologies through an integrated electronic system that allows the customer to upgrade the designs, price them and track their production status.

We also have a product design service on the computer and offer our customers the best advice so that their designs match the technology used in manufacturing.

Maintenance and training services:

We have a specialized cadre to fix any technical or software malfunction in the computer-assisted manufacturing devices that the company provides, and we have a hardware training service and software.

Company objectives:

Our objectives are based on the provision of computer-assisted manufacturing techniques and supplies clearly and appropriately commensurate with the needs of the Arab market.